With the Max Labbé Pottery Sprouter you are able to manage the various stages of sprouting in order to have fresh sprouts every day and to avoid withered sprouts.

The Max Labbé Pottery Sprouter is made of five parts: the base is a saucer, in it are three perforated trays placed on top of each other and a lid covers the top tray.

The saucer and the trays are glazed for easier use and maintenance.

The lid, however, is not glazed. It has a cavity that can be filled with water. The water will diffuse through the pottery and this will give the sprouting seeds a little coolness and additional moisture.

The trays are rotated daily from the lower position at day one (the soaking of your daily ration of seeds) to the top position at day three (most seed types sprout after 2–3 days). The sprouts are the most active when the new shoot appears out of the seeds and can be used then.

By applying this procedure, you will never have withered sprouts, which may become toxic

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MLS-085 Small Sprouter, tray diameter 85mm, for 2 people. Complete with one saucer, 3 trays and one lid. There is a free booklet on sprouting with it. Out of stock. It is not manufactured any longer. $0.00 $0.00
MLS-125 Large Sprouter, tray diameter 125mm, for a family. Complete with one saucer, 3 trays and one lid. There is a free booklet on sprouting with it. Out of Stock as 14/7/21 $0.00 $0.00

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