SAMAP has a range of

grain humidity meters

which measure the grain moisture content. This model is a hand held grain humidity meter. For other models refer to the manufacturer’s website
Pricing Information:
PID Description Item Price NZD
Item Price
Int'l NZD
SA-H40 SAMAP-O-TEST, Electronic Moisture Meter, a universal programmable instrument for all grains and pulses, and for various types of granular matter (eg pollen). See specifications below. $897.00 $780.00
SA-HHG SAMAP Hand Held Grain Humidity Meter $165.00 $143.50

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Specifications (Hand Held Meter SA-HHG):

- Range from 10% to 19% in wheat
- Hand held and battery operated (9V)
- Can also be used with rye, barley, oats
- Comprehensive instructions supplied
- One measurement takes between 20 and 30 seconds

Specifications (SAMAP-O-TEST SA-H40):

Principle:capacitance measure
Measurement rangeOne to 50% moisture (depends on product)
Display:digital liquid crystal (LCD 13mm)
Start up time:immediately after connection
Duration of measure:instantaneous
Accuracy±0.2% of standard scale
Repeatability0.1% in normal humidity scale
Permanent programs30 which are; oats, Hard Wheat, Soft Wheat, Coffee Arabica, Coffee Robusta, Coffee green beans, Coffee Parchment, Rapeseed, Spelt, Winter Barley (not cleaned), Fescue, Field Beans (large and average), Beans (large and average), Maize threshed humid, maize picked off by hand, Spring Barley, Winter Barley, Peas, Pollen, Ray grass, Rice (husked), Rice (Not husked), Buckwheat, Rye, Soybeans, Sorghum, Sunflower, Triticale
Free Programmes10, which can be calibrated by the user
Memorynon volatile memory E2PROM
Error Checkingself checking with indication of errors
Power Supplystandard 9V alkaline battery
CMOSelectronic system with low use
Temperatureliquid crystal thermometer
Measuring chamber230cm3 (approx 170g wheat)
Hopperwith trap doors
- Meter H40:160×70×60mm
- Hopper with trap doors:170×75×75mm
- Weight500g (with hopper)
GuaranteeTwo years

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