Natural Paints, Oils, Waxes, Varnishes & Cleaning Products from the German manufacturer Biopin

Our products include:
  • Floor oils
  • Waxes
  • Hardwax oils
  • Varnishes
  • Wall paints
  • Outside stain for timber
  • Outside paint for timber
  • Variety of solvent or solvent-free products available
Technology & Innovation

Modern production processes have long since replaced manufacturing work at biopin. The technical know-how and the careful selection of the natural raw materials still form the basis of biopin in addition to a sophisticated process technology.

Our varnishes, stains, oils, and natural paints are produced without the addition of any synthetic substances and for many of them without solvents. They are free from acrylates, styrenes and polyurethanes and consist of renewable raw materials such as vegetable oils, resins, and non-toxic mineral pigments. We use a wide range of natural raw materials for our products. Quality and environmental aspects play a central role in this. For our coloured finishes, we use flowers, leaves, fruits, or roots to get the colour intensity.

Innovative natural paints are created through the interplay of research, production, quality assurance and sales. The special oils form an important base for our current paint production. This results in user-friendly, environmentally minded, and health-oriented natural paints that are in demand worldwide. With our paint, we can improve your indoor climate and your well-being.


"We can only improve our quality of life in the long term if we learn to live in harmony with nature," is the philosophy at biopin.

The path to more sustainability is now paramount. At biopin, "naturalness" is a top priority, whereby the production processes do not come at the expense of product variety and quality. biopin has been developing since 1983 a wide range of environmentally friendly paints, varnishes, stainss and care products from renewable natural raw materials, with a large part being produced 100% solvent-free.

The binding agents required for the paint production itself are produced directly bu Biopin. To do this, vegetable oils such as linseed, thistle, cartor, wood oil or calendula oil are boiled at high temperatures. Thanks to these binders, the water-based interior stain do not require any preservatives. biopin therefore attaches particular importance to healthy living, sustainability and naturalness in the development and production of paints. Customers from the do-it-yourself and professional sectors will find environmentally friendly paints, oils, waxes and wood protection glazes for indoor and outdoor use here. According to the supplier, the products are particularly durable and easy to work with. Not only are the colors produced sustainably at biopin, but the packaging is also recyclable and reusable. Renewable raw materials such as vegetable oils, resins and non-toxic mineral pigments are used in production. biopin not only attaches great importance to sustainable production, but also to environmentally friendly production. They support them by producing their own electricity using photovoltaics and excess feed-in.

The ecological awareness of consumers in their own living environment, the design and beautification of their own homes, is now a must. It will help dealing with what are common allergies and respiratory diseases. Biopin wall paints are used with preservative-free tinting options, and biopin adheres to the recommendations of the organic food manufacturers and provides evidence of the ingredients. Therefore, we recommend you use biopin. This preservative-free claim means that biopin uses completely preservative-free recipes.

Biopin History

The history of Biopin began in 1920 in the Netherlands. Founder Ben Palm's grandparents already had an oil paint and putty factory.

There, together with his father, he learned how to produce high-quality paints according to traditional recipes. In 1982 Ben Palm founded today's company based in Wilhelmshaven (northern Germany). In 1997 the company moved to Jever in nearby Frisia - the current headquarters of the company.

The production plant for the binding agents and natural paints, varnishes and oils is over 20000m˛. Today, Biopin has the largest and most technologically advanced production of natural paints which is extremely carbon-effective to run. With the diversity of the range, the quality and production volume, Biopin is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe.

The focus is put on healthy living and resource conservation of products. To live up to this claim, Biopin products, made from renewable raw materials, produce a health-friendly finish for professional painters, floor sanders, building contractors, bricklayers, carpenters… and particularly for us all with DIY.

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