Why a coffee substitute? Why a coffee alternative?
  • Caffeine effects and noxiousness varies for each individual, but it increases with advancing age as the kidneys gradually deteriorate, leaving coffee acids to concentrate in the blood and body tissues: during this time, one is exposed to increase of blood pressure and heart rate, to hypoglycemia when coffee and sugar are combined, to rise of blood fat levels (interestingly, cholesterol levels can be reduced more effectively by giving up caffeine than through a low fat diet). Then comes a time when caffeine ceases to be a stimulant, no matter how much is drunk, and the fatigued body is exposed to some health catastrophe.

  • Discontinuing coffee won’t make one feel better instantly: caffeine withdrawal symptoms from caffeine addiction, usually constant headaches, will persist over the time it takes the coffee poisons to be eliminated (up to two weeks). Golden Fields offers an alternative to the pernicious habit of the “coffee break” offering extra coffee to people who should not be drinking it in such large amounts, but gradually replacing it altogether.

  • Golden Fields coffee substitutes are suitable for all ages, also for children and teenagers for which caffeine has a detrimental effect on the nervous system growth. This is even more true in the case of caffeine and pregnancy - babies and foetuses are not yet able to eliminate coffee poisons. All our coffee alternatives are accessible via the menu on the left, and may be purchased online.

  • Decaf? Decaffeinated coffee is as noxious as whole coffee, it still contains some caffeine and all other poisons that are in the coffee. It contains traces of the solvent used to remove the caffeine and has been shown to be linked to breast diseases (for women) and prostate problems (for men).

  • All packets contain an oxygen-absorbing sachet to maintain freshness of the roasted product. Once the packet is opened, this sachet looses its activity. Store contents with care, transfer them to a small jar to protect them from air and humidity. Use this “coffee” rapidly (don’t forget your purchase in the cupboard!) not only for the sake of freshness, but also to reap the mild medicinal benefits of all Golden Fields’ alternatives. As for a cure, it is their prolonged use that confers on the body a desirable balance, a general well-being.

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