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Dandelion & Burdock
PID Description Item Price
BU100 Dandelion & Burdock 100 Sachets (320g) $34.90
BU175 Dandelion & Burdock 175g Granules $17.75
BU25 Dandelion & Burdock 25 Sachets (80g) $10.00
BU5 Dandelion & Burdock 5 Sachets (16g) $2.75
BU500 Dandelion & Burdock 500g Granules. $47.20
Comfrey & Dandelion
PID Description Item Price
CODA25 Comfrey & Dandelion 25 Sachets (80g) $9.10
CODA5 Comfrey & Dandelion 5 Sachets (16g) $2.75
PID Description Item Price
CY100 Chicory 100 Sachets (320g) $19.65
CY175 Chicory 175g Granules $7.05
CY25 Chicory 25 Sachets (80g) $5.75
CY5 Chicory 5 Sachets (16g) $2.10
CY500 Chicory 500g Granules $18.80
RAW-CY DRIED CHICORY ROOT, ground, raw and not roasted, one of the best prebiotic food source around. 200g $14.50
PID Description Item Price
A-RAW-DA DRIED DANDELION ROOT, raw and not roasted. 200g ground $15.40
DA100 Dandelion 100 sachets (320g) $33.40
DA175 Dandelion 175g Granules $16.80
DA25 Dandelion 25 sachets (80g) $9.60
DA5 Dandelion 5 Sachets (16g) $2.75
DA500 Dandelion 500g Granules. $44.60
DAL25 DANDELION LEAVES 25 tea bags. Herbal tea (not a coffee!) Own harvest. Certified organic. $7.70
DC100 Dandelion CHAI (100 sachets, 320g) $36.40
DC25 Dandelion CHAI (25 sachets, 80g). Dandelion and 5 spices (cinnamon, cardamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg). Certified organic $10.35
DC5 Dandelion CHAI (5 sachets, 16g) $2.75
HD100 100% DANDELION (100 Sachets, 320g) $34.90
HD25 100% DANDELION (25 sachets, 80g). Made of lightly roasted dandelion roots, of dandelion leaves and of dandelion flowers. Can be used as a tea as well as a coffee. GLUTEN FREE. $10.00
HD5 100% DANDELION (5 Sachets, 16g) $2.70
French Coffee
PID Description Item Price
FC200 French Coffee 200g Ground $7.00
FC25 French Coffee 25 Sachets (100g) $6.60
FC5 French Coffee 5 Sachets (20g) $2.10
Roasted Malt
PID Description Item Price
RM100 Roasted Malt 100 Sachets (400g) $19.50
RM225 Roasted Malt 225g Ground $5.85
RM25 Roasted Malt 25 Sachets (100g) $5.65
RM5 Roasted Malt 5 Sachets (20g) $2.10
RM550 Roasted Malt 550g Ground $13.75
WG500 Roasted Malt 500g Whole Grain $12.80
PID Description Item Price
YA25 Yannoh 25 Sachets (100g) $6.50
YA250 Yannoh 250g Ground $7.25
YA600 Yannoh 600g Ground. $17.50

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